Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Second Week in Roma! Andiamo!

Hi everyone! So this week I just had class all week and then thurs and friday night I went out to some bars and clubs. I love my classes, they are all so interesting, my Roman Emperors class is so educational and informative about Rome and its history. This weekend I hope to see the Panthenon and the Colessum soon. We will see. But anyway this weekend has already been so much fun! Friday during the day a few of us went to climb the spanish steps, I was tired so I only did about ten stairs! lol. We walked around via del corso (the Rodeo Drive of Rome). It was bella! I walked around my friend Alex's area of Rome and there are so many cute piazzas. Somehow last night I was speaking fluent Italian to some men! So funny! I need to chill it on the olive oil, bread, and pasta, because I literally live on those three things. However, "when in Rome", right? The food here is sooooo buono! And everyone is so nice and friendly. Last night, Brooke and I got two free cab rides! How crazy! Well, that is all for now. Ive just been learning italiano and trying to live like a true Roman!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First day of Classes! Monday September 13th

So yesterday, I had class from 9 am to 6 p.m.! So longgggg but I loved most of them. I love my Italian class so much! It is so great to finally learn the language of the country that I am in! :) We learned how to do basic greetings lie Ciao! and Buongiorno! Come stai? Io sono bien. Etc. I love love love learning this language! It is beautful! After class my roommate Kelsey and I went to get notebooks from a local market. Something interesting is that there are no normal American notebooks, or very few I should say. The notebook paper is graphing paper. After Italian, I had International Business, which I know will be tough but I will definitely learn a lot. We were studying oil in Iran and other case studies, very similar to my business classes at Whittier College.My last course was Photography in Roma, which is very interesting, however, my Professor speaks little English, so it is so hard to understand what he is saying. We walked around and took random pictures of Rome for 20 minutes. After class, Kelsey and I went to the grocery store to buy food from the market because it is too expensive to eat out frequently. We bought fresh basil, pesto, pasta, bread, olive oil, vegetables, and much more. I love making meals for guests and eating with all of my roommates! One thing I have to get used to is the conservation of electricity. We can only plug in a couple of things at once or the power won't work. Also, there are no microwaves or dryers! So weird! Also, I went to the mcdonalds by the Panthenon, so gorgeous! lol Well thats all for now. I will definitely be blogging later after we go to Piazza Novona tonight!

First Week in Roma!

Ciao everyone! So for my first week in Rome I was so busy I did not get a chance to blog about all of my new experiences! I am going to try and sum it up now though :) When I arrived in Rome at the airport I met my roommate Kelsey, whom I already adore. We were escorted in buses to our new apartments. My apartment is on a road called Via Benzoni, right near the Roma Ostiense metro/train station. It is in a decent area with cute bars (what italians call cafes), some restaurants, markets, and much more! After settling in for only two hours and meeting my new roommates, we were taken to one of the seven hills of Roma, which was multo bella! After, we went to a pizzeria right by the Colosseum, where I had my first tomato ever! I loved it. Also, I enjoyed an amazing margherita pizza and some tirimasu! mmmm buono! The next morning we did a lot of orientation activities such as a tour of the school, some of the neightborhood around school (called Trastevere). There are such cute shops and restaurants in Trastevere and a bar at every corner! American bars are called American bars in Italy so there is no confusion between a cafe type bar and a pub. That night we went for apperitivo which was held at a book shop and we were treated to small dishes of food and wine. Wine here is served at every meal and it is so weird not being carded! Also, the wine here is so amazing, and cheap! Later that night, Brooke (my friend from Whittier) and I went out to a pub three doors down form my apartment called the Beefeater, and met some very nice Italiano boys who tried to explain the many bella places we should go! The next morning the orientation group went to a is not me right? I despise stuff like that. However, I was pleasantly surprised when we left the city of Roma and went into the outskirts, very much reminding me of California with beautiful mountains, a vineyard, some farm animals, and I was treated to an amazing vegetarian dish! (It is SO hard to not eat the prosciutto). :) Anyway, later that night my roomates and I went to a restaurant right down from school in Trastevere, where we had many liters of Vino Bianco, caprese salads, and I had a vegetarian pasta dish! mmm. Later that night, and followed by a few more nights we went to Campo di Fiori (literally means field of flowers), but in Roma it is the college section, where American students go to bars at night and meet local Italians as well as  other American students. This area is so much fun! Thursday my group did a walking tour of the spanish steps and the Trevvi Fountain, where people come and throw a Euro in the water and make a wish! After that, it was so scary, because my friend had an allergic reaction to food and I had to take her to the hospital ALONE speaking barely any Italian. Luckily, she was fine and a nice Italian women in the waiting room calmed me down right away. That night, we went to a discoteca and stayed out until 6 am! It was so much fun and my whole program went basically. Friday, which was a horrible day for my feet, we went to the famous Tivoli. Tivoli gardens used to be a "villa" but now is owned by the state. It was the most amazing beautiful place in the whole world. Gorgeous fountains and stairs, however, my feet were killing me so bad, I was walking like I was 90 years old! Enduring the pain, that night we went to Campo di Fiori again and met up with some of my roommates friends studying in Roma! Saturday I walked around some shops on the other side of town and bought a cross-body bag/satchel, so I dont have to worry about the gypsies and pick pocketers with my bag around my shoulder.  Also, I bought a post-card for my friend back in California by the Spanish Steps. That night we went to an area called Testachhio (rhymes with pistacchio!) which is known for its lounges and discotecas! It is like 3 blocks from my apt. which is great! Sunday took a full day of recovery and settling in form the busy week of unpacking, getting a European phone, figuring out how to use it, and making plans to go see my friends in other countries. So far, I have been nonstop travelling, walking, eating, and loving Roma and I dont expect it to stop! Keep reading for more of my adventures!